Trap Exeption, can't play DVD
So I decided to pick up a $3 used PS2 game (Star Wars Starfighter) so I could try to get PCSX2 set up to play my favorite PS2 games. After a little set up, I popped in the disc, saw the opening Sony screen, then the Playstation 2 screen, then black screen. After looking at the console the last entry was a yellow block of text saying "Trap exception at 0x006197e8" I don't what it means and I don't know what to do at this point. My computer appears to be able to read the disc even though it's one of those funky blue discs. Any help would be great.

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rip the game using imgburn and select in from the directory of the pcsx2 so you can play it off the harddrive instead of the disk.

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