Triangle not working,
Hello I'm having trouble useing the Triangle key, On the game Final Fantasy X, I'm playing with a friend and their able to use the triangle key, and they've assigned it to the same key I have (Up arrow). I've tried assigning it to other things but still no help, I'm originally using Lilypad, but also tried using ssspsx. but no luck..
[Image: 3bikws2xiecuv115g.jpg]
[Image: s5f1w2rndzs1x875g.jpg]

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Bump, since no reply.
when you say youve tried assigning it to other things, do you mean assigning the UP arrow to something else or Triangle to another key?

Other things to check, make sure pad 2 doesnt have it assigned to anything.
Try changing the input to "Raw input" and see if that works.
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