Tribes Aerial Assault Online
The community existed for years and is really tight, and still exists on facebook. A small handful of player still play including myself. We are working on increasing the games popularity and play-ability. I don't have the capability to run this emulator, but can someone who does try to connect to the master server? The DNS is: 

The ISO for tribes is freeware and can be found here:

A successful connect will show a Greyed out server entitled "Master Server".

Thank you and we hope you join us for some games. Check out for details and play times:
 We definitely could use some players who can play with us through the emulator. 

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I have already played it a few times. Works fine.
It does? Cool. So you were online? How are the controls? You just aim with the mouse?

Is it easy to set up? The emulator including?
Why do people play this instead of tribes 2?
Slightly different dynamics. Weapon system allows for more positions and more strategy IMO where tribes 2 seems more skill based. But mainly because it was on console and not PC.
(01-04-2016, 05:59 PM)Nebular Wrote: It does? Cool. So you were online? How are the controls? You just aim with the mouse?

Is it easy to set up? The emulator including?

Online/LAN play works just fine in PCSX2, Prafull and myself tested a few games and they all worked very well considering I live in New York and he lives in India. It is possible to use the emulator with only a keyboard and mouse, but I usually hook up my wired 360 controller and map the controls to that so its basically the same thing as a PS2 controller (the only difference is the X,Y,A,B buttons on a 360 controller aren't pressure sensitive like a PS2 controller's X,O,box and triangle buttons are)
That sounds great. Thanks for the information guys. I don't have a great laptop, but could I atleast get to the point where I'm about to play it? My purpose is to write a guide for people to set it up.
It will definitely work but may not run at full speed if your laptop is really old. If your just going through the in-game menus to show how to connect to the server you should be fine, once your running 3D graphics is where PCSX2 can be very demanding depending on the game. I recommend you use the latest builds from as they come with the networking plugin included.
Thanks Jonye, I'll try this out. But which do I download from that page? There's quite a few.
You will need to install the x86 version of the C++ 2015 redistributable from below to run the latest builds so ya know. The link at the top will always be the newest one so just use the topmost link. Once the next stable version of pcsx2 is released the dev9 plugin will probably be included, til then it is best to use the topmost build from that page to play online games. If you need any help/advice feel free to shoot me a PM.

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