Trojan.Win32.Agent!IK on Pcsx2.exe 0.94
Mm.. I downloaded the emulator from the website and when I used a-squared has detected this Trojan. It's a false report or what is?.
Sorry for my English, it's very poor.
Sorry for editing but I have seen than this program has detected this Backdoor.Win32.Agobot!IK on the pscx2 ps2save-builder.exe.

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I guess it's Northon Antivirus.Yeah it's false report
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Sorry but nop, If you read above you can see "A-SQUARED". Please do not post if you have not read it...
Well, I'm pretty sure this isn't just some elaborate setup just to get your computer infected.

And hey, If PCSX2 was a virus, I wouldn't get rid of it anyway.
stevemetal: Just make sure you download the binaries from the official site (here). If it is the case, it's most likely a false report.

By the way, can you tell us where you got "ps2save-builder.exe" from?
Mmhh. Yes I downloaded the pcsx2 from here. And for the "ps2save-builder.exe". I downloaded it from different pages and all were infected, including the one i downloaded from here: I downloaded from the guide menu the archive named memcard.rar.
From other pages happens the same, but I see that if i download an older version, lie 0,6 this does not happen.
I found another interesting application for the pcsx2 saves known as mymc 2.5 that was a lot more helper for me than the other one.
To be clear, anything you download from this site ( is clean. If your anti-virus says it's a virus, I would consider getting a better anti-virus.

If you're super-paranoid, you can compile your own version from source. You could examine the code at your leisure, thought I don't recommend it.
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Mm i saw that with pcsx2.exe there's no problem for now, but the other program infects the restore points..
noting more to say. Bye!^^

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