Trouble With Cheats PCSX2 1.0.0 / Smackdown VS RAW 2006
Hey, forums! It's me again. I'm having trouble trying to use some cheats on PCSX2. I managed to successfully cheat once and never again. Somewhere in between converting from one thing to another and so on and so forth I'm either completely lost or I just don't know what I'm doing.

So here's what I'm working with. Smackdown VS Raw 2006 doesn't allow women to be used in certain match types. This doesn't work for me, and I want my female CAWs to be included anywhere. Therein lies the problem. Cheat codes exist to allow it on a CAW-by-CAW basis, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

Because I didn't know whether to use 0x74EB4E40 or 74EB4E40 for a file, I have one of both to hopefully cover my bases. Below are the codes converted with Omniconvert.

Quote:comment=Smackdown VS RAW 2006

//Enable Code

//CAW 3 Any Mode

//CAW 5 Any Mode

//CAW 6 Any Mode

//CAW 10 Any Mode

//CAW 11 Any Mode

And here are the original codes I used:
Quote:(M) Code:
CB2v1+, GS2 v3 & v4 (NTSC & PAL) & Xploder v1 ~ v4 (PAL)
F0100008 0000000E

(Specific CAW enable all match types codes)

003DF5A8 00000000

003E0108 00000000

003E06B8 00000000

CAW 10
003E1D78 00000000

CAW 11
003E2328 00000000

And just in case anything needs to be verified, here's the link to the forum I got the cheats from (If it's allowed to link that, if not, I'll remove it.)

Thanks in advance and feel free to point out where I'm being a doofus!

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enable code, not needed

also, those look like they are raw already
(05-14-2013, 03:29 AM)Saiki Wrote: enable code, not needed

also, those look like they are raw already

[Image: GH47c11.png]

Thanks, Saiki. I'm a maroon again.

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