Trouble creating an ISO from a Disc Image File (NOOB)
To preface this, I have gone through general trouble shooting here, read everything on Disc and ISO issues and watched an hour or more of tutorials and still having issues. I downloaded IMG BURN and and went through that whole process. I am left with a disc image file is in the bios folder but when i boot up the emulator it is no where to be found and I am stuck at first time config screen where you select a BIOS rom. It will not show up when i select refresh list. I don't know if I am missing something super simple and obvious or not. In every video I have watched, not one of them had these types of files. I dont know where Im going wrong. Any help is appreciated. I do apologize if I am missing something simple. If i have not provided enough information please let me know. I will provide what I have to, I just want to play old games again Sad

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The game is not a BIOS. You need to dump your BIOS from your PS2. Google for how.
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OOOOOOooohhhhhh. Wow I read that I needed to do that countless times and just never made the connection between the two. Good thing I still have my ps2 slim. Thank you Blyss!!! I'm dumping the bios now. Should be pretty straight forward from here.

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