Trouble utilizing full power of a high end pc
so ive tried a lot of settings here, been messing around for hours... looking at a lot of threads that seem to be outdated.

so here are my pc specs:

CPU: i7 5820k (6 cores, overclocked to 4ghz)
GPU: 980ti
Ram: 16gb DDR4

i mean.. thats pretty much all you need to know rght?

so, the main question i have is how do i set up pcxs2 to utilize the hardware i have to its full potential? i honestly dont FULLY understand all the settings though i have a general idea of what most of them accomplish. i just keep running games slowly but i know my pc can handle it (none of my components are even warming up past idle temps).

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Check section II for why PCSX2 isn't utilizing the hardware: (Does the emulator support 4 cores and Why is my CPU load less than 100%)
Also check here for a configuration guild: (The version of the guild is a little old but even with the changes with PCSX2 it's still pretty much the same)

Without knowing exactly what you want to run and all of that, I can't really help beyond this.

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