Trouble with Giren no Yabou: Axis vs Project V
Or however you spell the name exactly Tongue

I've tried searching this forum for a solution, but either I couldn't find the proper solution, or the problems were "claimed" to have gotten fixed in the next official release. And considering some of those topics dated back 3-4 years, I assumed an official release had been done.

I have not been able to try whichever beta might currently exist, I'm rather horrible at that kind of thing, even WITH the guides suggested for it.

Note that this problem seems to persist with:
A: both the Speedhack section being disabled and no game fixes active.
B: Speedhack active (default setting), no game fixes active.
C: FPU Negative Div Hack active, both with and without active Speedhack.
D: OPH Flag Hack, both with and without active Speedhack.
E: the "try if all else fails" EE Timer Hack active, with and without Speedhack.

This is with the newest main release, and all the plugin stuff at their default settings, short of the A-E listed above.

I'm effectively running the game from the HD via the iso option in the emulator. (so we can rule out the dvd player causing any read errors?)

But on to the problem itself:

As far as I can tell, some of the spoken game dialog seems to cause the game to become stuck and/or freeze (the background music keeps running without any noticable problems, however)

It's most noticable/easily replicated on the Haman Axis campaign, and though I have *not* encountered it on the other campaigns *yet*, it would not be a surprise if this particular problem exist there too.

Example one: placing Glemmy and Haman next to each other during the battle phase, will trigger a conversation between them and the game seems to 100% stuck on Glemmy's last "Hah" sentence.

Example 2 and 3: At the start of turn 2, you are contacted by Quatro Bajeena and either agree or decline the alliance proposal.
If I pick Yes, the game gets stuck at the "Yokaishimas" sentence of the male staff member.
If I pick No, the game gets stuck at the "Hahah!" sentence of the female staff member.

From what little I can tell, those 3 sentences are fairly short ones, which may be causing a timing conflict or loop, but I'm just guessing here.

As it stands, the Haman Axis campaign is entirely unplayable.

Chances are I might have overlooked something, I'm a rather clueless person when it comes to messing around with settings on games/emulators.

I thank you in advance for your time and my apologies if I missed the solution already available.

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