Trouble with Xbox 360 controller HELP!!
So I have my wired xbox 360 controller all set up in pcsx2 using lilypad on Pad 1. The whole thing works great including rumble feature. The problem I am having is:

When I play kingdom hearts the right thumbstick is supposed to allow me to look around. However it only allows me to rotate the Camera left. The first problem I hadwas the buttons were inverted so thumbstick right turned the camera left and vise versa. I got into my settings and tried to set it the right way. Now direction left is the only direction it will go. No up or down or right.

Has anyone had this problem? How do I fix this? Unsure

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Current PCSX2 version: v1.7.2460-windows-64bit-SSE4

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That Plugin isn't even needed to work with a 360 controller, I've got the wireless version with a chinese clone of receiver (USB) to my PC and I put in Lilypad on DirectInput and it works just fine how it should Smile
I figured it out after toying with it a little. Its a glitch. Sometimes if you click the button to bind the controller button pcsx2 will automatically set it to something that is not bound to the controller I'm using if that makes sense.

For instance when I click the button to set Right Thumb-stick (Right). Without touching the controller it will set it to Right Thumb-stick (right) by itself. If this happens then the controller won't do that control.

The fix: Delete the control that pcsx2 automatically set then click to set again and wait for a little bit. If it doesn't automatically set it then press the control on the controller to set that control. Then it will work.

Kind of weird but that is what I found.
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