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Trouble with cheats in PCSX2 1.0.0
cb2crypt does the same thing as omniconverter.
And ticking v7 will make(at least those codes)completely unusable.That box is used if the input codes are using v7 encryption to decrypt from v7 to raw,disabling that option will convert from v1+ to raw.

In omni Input=>CodeBreaker=>choose the input code encryption type=>Output=>till now I'm still not 100% sure what should I select here...codebreaker or standard(I think I encounter a codes before on which I get different results in codebreaker and in standard and the codebreaker worked)

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For the last 4 days I have been trying all the means to create different codes to fit the pcsx2 version 5451, but still it shows "no cheats were found". The game is Onimusha. The codes I used are those I used on my PS2 console. I am so tried and do not have any ideas now. Will somebody be kind enough to help me? Thanks.
In fact I was trying to kill time by using the PS2 emulator to play PS2 games on my computer but this time the game is killing me. The code looks like this : 4CBFF1C8 1456E70C and is converted to this : patch=1,EE,4CBFF1C8,extended,1456E70C. I don't if this is right or not. Please do help!
please make your own thread michael instead of reviving an half year old one Smile

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