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Trouble with getting a cheat code to work
It's for Mortal Kombat Armageddon, 2 codes I can't quite get to work on PCSX2, but they both work on a real PS2 console with the actual game and a Codebreaker V8.

The site I got the codes from says they're especially intended for a Codebreaker v7+ and like I said, the encrypted versions of the codes work on the real thing.

They're Control Modifier codes that make both 1P and 2P controlled by the CPU. The encrypted codes are:

C1512634 89D819A3
B4290C98 5EB33BC8

C1512634 89D819A3
E679C9EE 1615D63E

The decrypted version of the codes are:

605997DC 00000000
00000001 0000B3B4

605997DC 00000000
00000001 0000B3FC

Usually with any other PS2 game, the decrypted version of a code will work just fine. Not here though, neither version of those codes worked on PCSX2.

I've never encountered this cheat code issue with any other game on PCSX2. I wonder whether there's any way to get any versions of the codes to work with the ol' .pnach file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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