Trouble with pnach Cheats
Hi all. So I'm trying to get a pnach file to work with Persona 4. Now I couldn't find the CRC where the FAQ said it would be (I even saved the log and used the Find command), so I need to know how else I could get it. Also, my pnach file looks like this and I need to know if it's correct:

 Max/Inf Money

 Max Courage

 Max Knowledge

 Max Diligence

 Max Understanding

 Max Expression

Thanks for taking the time to look!

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Please post the contents of the emulog.txt file after the problem occurs. The file can be found in "My Documents\PCSX2\logs" for the installer version or in "PCSX2\logs" for the portable/binary version.

Please make sure to enclose your emulog in code tags like so (remove the empty space on the closing code tag!):
Pasted emulog goes here
[ /code]
Ha! Your comment made me realize that I was putting them in the install directory rather than the My Documents directory. It seems to be working now. Thanks for commenting, you helped me out just by asking for more info Laugh

If I have any other issues, I'll ask again, but it looks good for now. Thanks again!

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