Troubles running cheats on SMT Lucifer's call PAL-E
I'm having much trouble trying to correct the huge mistake i made deleting "Lunge" skill from my MC skill list, i'm trying 1-2h everyday to make cheats working without success...

I'm playing the Euro Pal version of the game, SLES_533.63, crc AE0DE7B7.

Every codes i tried from this very usefull and comprehensive site (use google to translate from portuguese) do nothing at all, so i assume it is not made for my version.

But when i try this code for max money i found in the forum, patch=1,EE,58525567,extended,665EA7B1, just to understand (i don't want max money, i just want my skill back), it completely crashes pcsx2, which means it does something, at least :-)

Not any piece of code i found on the forum works for my version.

Help :-/

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please show a code that suppose to work but doesn't. Attach as pnach if possible.

Actually you forgot to link to the site. I now saw your other post and the central part of your current post makes sense now.

Actually the guide seems to be quite straightforward... where are you struggling? What have you tried/what didn't work?

Btw. it is this site he is talking about...

aaand... google translate
OP updated with the link, sooooorry. Thanks, Willkuer.

Well... any codes from that site doesn't work.

FE in this pnach, all my 8 skills should be changed to what's described in the patch :

Attached Files
.pnach   AE0DE7B7.pnach (Size: 748 bytes / Downloads: 353)
First I would suggest to remove all whitespaces... I am not sure if they are skipped:
patch = 1, EE, 11248F8C, extended, 00000008   =>   patch=1,EE,11248F8C,extended,00000008

The you should keep in mind that all characters in front of the cheat will disable it. So '//' will disable a cheat. If you want to use the cheat you have to remove these chars.

Please update your pnach accordingly and use it. Please provide the emulog after you tried to use the cheats/loaded the game.

Edit: Or you use the attached version.

Attached Files
.pnach   AE0DE7B7.pnach (Size: 642 bytes / Downloads: 360)
No no no i know that already of course, i'm not dumb :-)

I just forgot to delete the //. It doesn't work without of course , that's why i asked here.
then please remove the whitespaces and post the emulog after you tried to load the cheats.
I ran it with or without spaces, of course, and it didn't change anything. It feels like a little game you're playing, isn't it ?

The log says either cheats loaded fine, and this is when nothing happens, either infinite red lines and i have to forcequit thru task manager.

Using this simple line for code for infinite money (which i DONT want to use, it is only for testing purposes), found here proves that when the codes are supposed to work for my Eu-Pal version, it gives this :

[Image: bjgwp3.jpg]

Attached Files
.pnach   AE0DE7B7.pnach (Size: 132 bytes / Downloads: 332)
As I said I am not sure if pcsx2 skips whitelines or just splits the commas..

The cheat you used in the end is a type-5 cheat. They are used to copy one value to another address. Hardly believable that this could be a max money cheat. One would normally just set the money address to a high value.
Additionally type-5 codes are two-liners. Using only the type 5 code without the second line probably creates an exception. So if you want to use it make sure that you include both lines of the code.

I would rather say that your code is encoded and not in raw format. This you have to cross-check by finding the source.

The other codes (type-1 codes) just look fine to me. So can you please post the full emulog after you applied those codes? Just skip the max money cheat for this moment.

So if i use all the previous codes (previous pnach)

patch=1,EE,11248F8C,extended,00000008 // reset all 8 skills

It doesn't do anything (here you got both the log and the skill menu which shows it doesn't work) :

[Image: 2hmki7k.jpg]
Ok so first of all sorry since I haven't read your link carefully.

Obviously in the link US-codes are provided while you use the EU version.
Normally cheats can be easily converted (by adding an offset) if one know the exact same cheat for both regions. Can you please look in the net for a cheat (as max HP or money) for both the ntsc-u and the pal version of this game? They can also be encrypted.. -> xploder,gameshark or whatever codes.

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