Poll: which is easier to run on a BEAST rig?
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Battlefield 3
2 66.67%
Tekken 5
0 0%
Sad, ain't it?
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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True Or False: Tekken 5 Is Harder To Run At 60FPS Than Battlefield 3
anyone find that kinda sad? arguably the most technically advanced PC game in existence is easier to run on at 60fps than Tekken 5 (a 7-year old ps2 game) on the same BEAST rig

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True or False: It's harder to get Crysis 1 for the PC to run at 60FPS than Crysis 2 <-- Sad, ain't it?

Emulated games and native PC games are not the same. Heck even games made for the same machine are not going to have the same results like the Crysis vs Crysis 2 (4 year difference) example above. You're comparing a game developed for another machine being emulated in a much different one against a game running natively on it's target machine. Even the old PS3 having parts from a PS2 are not able to run all games perfectly and that's a case much worse since the PS2 and PS3 (with PS2 parts inside) is not as different as a PS2 against a PC...

Now for your question I could get full speed on Tekken 5 on my old "BEAST" cheapo (Pentium E5400 3.9GHz + 9600GT) PC with speedhacks, and most people with a quad core nowadays should be able to run it full speed with just the MTVU speedhack even, I somehow doubt I'd be able to run Battlefield 3 60FPS unless I set a lot of settings to low/medium with that same machine and still wouldn't be able to keep 60FPS.
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Tekken Tag on the other hand.
Well, with Battlefield 3, it appears to take a pretty good GPU for 60fps, even on low settings. I see a benchmark where a GTX 260 only got 50fps.

Tekken 5 will run 60fps on weaker cards, especially on low settings (a.k.a Native). But, you will need a very decent CPU clockrate performance for Tekken 5 to run 60fps. A Core 2 Duo kinda type pushing towards 4.0Ghz (i.e. Shadow Lady's E5400), or a Sandy Bridge at about 3.0Ghz is what you'd need.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 3 is not that CPU-intensive. Even a Core i3-530 had ~79fps. And to quote our pal Tom:

"Any reasonably-modern processor is going to be held back by graphics long before hamstringing performance itself."

The only real common ground is the fact that both Tekken 5 (PCSX2) and Battlefield 3 don't care much if you have excess cores. I say this because MYVU wasn't helpful on my C2D with Tekken 5. Haven't rightfully tried with my quad, so maybe it helps with 3+ cores.

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