Trying to enter cheat for Champions of Norrath
Hi all, there's a cheat for champions of norrath - realms of everquest I want to enter. it's from a gamefaqs guide that has codebreaker codes. I've tried using omniconvert to convert the code from both codebreaker +1 and +7 into raw format, but neither time has the code worked when I've entered it into the game's pnach file in cheats.

The code in question is one that enables the developer menu in the game by pressing "start". The code in the FAQ lists it as:

1017FA08 0000F220

There's Master Enable Codes in the FAQ too but I was told you do not need to enter these for cheats to function properly.

15433F43 C87F947F is what the raw/unencrypted version of the code turns out to for Codebreaker 7+. For 1+ the raw code is 1AECC8DE 0000F220.

I know how to enter a patch code correctly in a text editor (I know there's a specific format you have to enter a code as for it to work).

But when I launch PCSX2 and the game with the code enabled, it returns a TLB Miss error in the log window which I know means the code is bad.

Can someone help me here?


EDIT: Never mind, the FAQ says the code is in raw format ALREADY. i didn't read correctly. I must be going blind LOL.

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(06-19-2014, 07:08 AM)JaredKFan Wrote: 1017FA08 0000F220

the code is raw already. just put it in the pnach like that and use the extended type.

/Edit: nvm. i skipped the rest of the post to notice it's been cleared. Laugh oops

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