Trying to find very old version due to save state
Ok I haven't played a game in 2 and a half years (I think maybe 2) but its savestate version 9a0b0000 as its a rpg and its about 20 hours into it I don't want to start from scratch.

Because im guessing theres no way to update a version without saving in game then making a new save state.

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Its ok found one here so Im guessing its still impossible to change savestate version.
According to the chart I made a while back, savestate version 0x9A0B would have existed sometime between 1.2.1 stable and 1.4.0 stable. Unfortunately, those savestates are non transferable with 1.5.0 builds, so your best bet would be to save to a memory card and make a new savestate after you load from that instead Smile
Yeah I found the 1.4.0 version on here and it worked, shame as I savestated at special scenes.
If you experience issues then you can use the 1.3.1 versions. I'd recommend saving in the memory card as soon as you can.

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