Trying to get 0.9.6 to work on Low-End PC
hi everyone!

i watched this project for quite a while now and decided to give it a try, since my modded ps2 can't play every game that i order (a few run, a few just won't).

since pcsx2 seems to be quite fast for an emulator, i wanted to try it on my pc with the following specs:
AMD Sempron 2800+
Dual Channel DDR2 GEIL 2GB RAM
ATI Radeon 3650 AGP DDR3 version
Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate

since the processor isn't capable of sse2 or higher, i went straight for the zerogs plugin for graphics.
my problem can be seen on the screenshot i post here:

my used plugins can be seen here:

i'd appreciate any suggestions to get rid of the error. if you say it just won't run with these system specs i'm fine with that too, i just don't wanna try around the whole week to find out it won't work Smile

thanks for your help in advance!

edit: i'm trying to run naruto ultimate ninja 4 pal right there (narutimate accel for other countrys)

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The only plugin that doesn't require SSE2 is one REALLY old version of ZeroGS,not the one you're using.And btw I'm not really sure but I think the newest PCSX2(0.9.6)requires SSE2 to work.
Yeah that ancient processor will not work with PCSX2 I'm afraid,SSE2 is a must for it to actually run anything at more than 1 fps. Change your processor to something newer Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
alright, thanks Smile

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