Trying to get FFXII International to run in PCSX2... having problems
OK, I'll start with my computer specs:

I literally just built thing, and being able to run FFXII in 4k resolution (and FINALLY getting to play the translated Zodiac version of the game [yes, I own a physical copy of the disc], since I never got around to modding my system, and my old comp couldn't handle PCSX2) was one of my main goals when designing it (well, that and basic VR capability).

So I get the computer put together, I get Win 10 installed, and all the updates finished, I install ScpServer (still can't get my PS3 controller to work on the new comp, but that's a separate issue I can figure out on my own), get PCSX2 v1.4.0 installed, copy my PS2's BIOS over, and try loading up FFXII to make sure everything's working.

I don't even make it past the opening cinematic.

If I'm lucky it'll play 5 seconds of video before a 2-3 second pause before video resumes (it also bounces between 15ish and 60ish FPS). It took 5 minutes to get through maybe 2 minutes of video, this doesn't change regardless which level I have the speed hacks set to, and even happens on native resolution.

I'm a complete newbie to PCSX2, though I'm fairly decent with emulators for older systems. I'm kinda at a loss for what to check for to try and fix this. From what I've read in the forums the specs of my computer should be MORE than capable of handling FFXII at 4x or better at 60 FPS.

Should I be using a different version of PCSX2? Do I need to change the setup in one of the plugins, or even change which plugin I'm using for something? Do I need to adjust something in my BIOS (like enabling virtualization or something similar)?

Any help appreciated.

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I assume you are using an ISO since you said you were playing a translated version of Zodiac. Since you have an AMD GPU use DirectX11 hardware mode. Also try a newer GIT version and see if that works any better. AKA from here Just copy your BIOS and memory cards over to the new version. As for SCP you using the newer SCP Toolkit 1.7?
Yes to SCP toolkit, as for version, I'm not sure, but the SCP updater says I have the most recent version.

I've actually got the controller working to the point that Windows recognizes it properly, complete with being able to test the input with the game controller panel. Haven't managed to get it to work in PCSX2 yet though.

I've managed to get the opening movie playing at 60 FPS while set at 8x native (I thought 6x was 4k, was I wrong, or is this actually better than 4k?) and with the window size set to 1920x1080.

I did it by switching to manual speedhacks, setting EE Cyclerate to +2, VU Cycle Stealing to +1, enabling INTC Spin Detection, Wait Loop Detection, and MTVU (it says it's for 3+ cores, and my CPU's got 4 cores).  I have no clue which besides EE Cyclerate actually had an effect, but don't fix what's not broke, as they say.

So I guess at this point my initial problems are reversed, it's getting PCSX2 working full speed I managed, and the controller I'm having problems with, lol.

Oh, and since applying the SCP controller hack (custom xinput  to let pressure sensitive games work right), when going to the plugins selector, it stays on "Enumerating available plugins..." for... well about 15 min is the longest I've let it sit, whenever it hit's padPokopom.dll... I'm not sure if that's even part of the controller hack...

*edit- After some checking, padpokopom.dll is a controller plugin I'm not using, so I deleted it. After that all I needed to do was actually bind the buttons to themselves in SCP's lilypad's config, and BAM, working like a charm!

I have no clue how to do all the shading and such to improve the picture like I've seen screenshots of...

*edit2- Everything went fine up until I started a new game, then the choppiness started again, taking it down to 6x native fixed this.
Witgh your CPU you shouldn't have to use speed hacks minus MTVU and the other reccomendded ones on the list. AKA you should NOT need the 2 sliders at all.
(03-14-2017, 07:03 PM)Topken Wrote: Witgh your CPU you shouldn't have to use speed hacks minus MTVU and the other reccomendded ones on the list. AKA you should NOT need the 2 sliders at all.
Recommended ones on the list? Which list?

Also, the Cyclerate one was the only one of the speedhacks that had an immediate and noticeable effect on the performance (much less skipping at +1, no skipping at +2). Without it I wasn't even able to get it working at native resolution.

I actually haven't overclocked my CPU, even though my system can easily be overclocked. The only adjustment from stock I've made was getting the RAM running at 3200 MHz with the needed voltage to match that speed (from the stock 2133 MHz), so that could be a factor.

I'll try playing around with the settings (without overclocking, want 1 more CPU cooler fan, and 1 more case fan before I overclock) more to see if I can get it running smoothly at EE Cyclerate +0, or even +1, rather than +2.

Meanwhile, does anyone have a link to a thread discussing the shader options and such for FFXII? I've seen some amazing before/after screenshots, but am clueless as to what the settings actually do (and there are a LOT of settings), so don't even know where to begin...
Is the international version that messed up? I know I run the normal, non zodiac one just fine with a system much lower spec'd
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At least one of the problems was fixed by getting the .net framework installed. This is a brand new computer I just built (built myself, not pre-assembled, so I have to do all the initial configuring and such myself), and I'm still in the process of getting it fully setup.

Just one example of where it is... I don't actually have a HDD yet, so I'm running Windows (and PCSX2) off of a USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Theoretically this should be the same as running off an SSD, but given my boot times, I doubt it's quite that fast... (plus I needed to crack open the flash drive's case, and point a fan at the drive, because it was running quite hot)

It's far more likely any problems are on my end, and not the fault of the game.

It doesn't help that I'm clueless about what most of the settings actually do.

Pretty much the only thing left I NEED to figure out now is the shaders and other graphical options. i want it to look pretty!

*edit- I want to get end results similar to what this guy got:

*edit2- Wow, I actually managed to find the specific configs used for the pictures I linked to last edit:

...I don't suppose anyone could tell me how to translate that into something I can use in PCSX2?
You really need to get that ssd/hdd as I am pretty sure that running Windows off a USB 3./0 drive is your issue here. I get no stuttering on a i5 3570k and a 970 and your specs are a bit igher than mine minus the gpu since you have a amd 480. Zodiac is no heaiver then the standard version of the game.

As for shaders this thread exists
ok, the only time you should be running windows off a usb drive is if you're doing maintenance or you're running hyper v and everything else is on raid (so you're only running from memory basically.. like esxi does)

go ahead and run crystal mark on that usb drive.. unless its a usb 3 platter disk, I'm betting you're not even seeing near 60 Megabytes per second rates..

The attached image is what my samsung 850 does on my laptop.  If it were hooked to a sata 3 controller, itd be faster...

amd tr 1950x                                                 amd ryzen 5 2500u
asrock x399 taichi                                         amd vega 8 
XFX Radeon rx570                                       16gb ddr 4 2400 ram
32gb gskill ddr4-3200                                   1tb nvme ssd
Debian Bullseye                                           480gb sata ssd
Custom loop water cooled                           HP envy x360
nzxt 340 case
Strange that you're having issues.

As you can see, my specs aren't as high as yours CPU and RAM wise.

I also have the Zodiac edition and I'm running at at 4x resolution no slowdowns except the occasional sound hiccup when I'm using Mist attacks.

I'm running D3D11 and my speed hack are only the recommended ones, no EE cycle rate or VU stealing.
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