Trying to play Tekken 4 but low fps help!
Hey guys I'm having trouble rendering Tekken 4 smoothly. The battles run at a ridiculously low 9 to 10 fps. I've been messing with different settings trying to fix it but I'm not having any luck. I'm using pcsx2 and this is my laptop:

Can anybody help me figure out the optimal configuration for my laptop so it will run Tekken 4 at a decent fps?

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You seem to have a very slow PC so there may not be much to do.

Try the latest beta and show us your settings so we can try to help but really don't get your hopes up.
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playing it on a real PC would help (weak cpu, weak gpu)
else, set gdx internal res to native, clamping mode to none, and use some speedhcaks (not all at the same time, try them 1 by 1)
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Oh you know what's starting to piss me off? With some settings the game will stay in windowed mode (which is what I want for now) but then after the opening if I skip it or after i watch it it trys to switch to fullscreen and in the process reverses back to windowed, gives me a white screen, and crashes. Therefore it's hard to test these speed hacks when it does this!
Ok i figured out that the only GS that lets me play the game at all (though its like I said, super slow) is ZeroGS 0.97.1 The others do the above^
Uh anybody?
You got your question already answered. There is nothing to do when the machine can't do it. That notebook can play movies very well, can play some native games, can do many good things for you.

But it will struggle almost helplessly trying to play some easier on the machine PS2 games, but that one you want to run is (in)famous for being a troublemaker for much more powerful desktops... Yes, it's right, are the games that mainly dictates what power the machine need, very alike PC games themselves.
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