Trying to set up hotkeys for Playstation 2 emulator using programming
I use PCSx2 on my pc to emulate a PS2. I am trying to set up a keyboard/mouse control scheme (I use lilypad), which for the most part is pretty simple. Here is the dilenma I have been trying to solve for years and have never found on answer on the Pcsx2 forums: I need to set up the control layout so that the w,a,s,d keys are assigned to the left stick with half-sensitivity, and then have Shift+w,a,s,d assigned to the left stick with full sensitivity. It sounds straight-forward, but lilypad has no mechanism to assign a command to multiple keys such as Shift+(key). 

This would allow games like SOCOM to be controlled just like as if it was a PC game, where shift enables running otherwise you are just walking, and it would be awesome! I have tried different macro programs (such as G-hotkey, macrogamer) but neither can accomplish this. 

My intention would be to assign the keys from within lilypad to 2 different sets of keys(i.e. arrow keys for left stick with half-sensitivity, and i,j,k,l for left stick with full sensitivity) , and then use an external program to assign those keys to w,a,s,d and shift+w,a,s,d while in-game. So far I have not been able to get it working, so I thought I'd try a different approach. 

Does anyone have a solution that I could try, maybe a program I could write or a script?

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Could try AutoHotkey? I've heard plenty of good things about it, but haven't used it myself.
Joy2Key and Xpadder will both do the job.

Preference to Joy2key as it's free !
As pandubz said,Autohotkey

Try this script
#IfWinActive,ahk_exe pcsx2.exe


I set WSAD for the analog and UDLR for the D-PAD and when I just press W the character is going UP and when I press Shift+W,the D-PAD Up is executed

Just set your Full\half sensitivity keys like normal and set another set of keys for full\half and adjust the code if you want other keys
You have to enable multiple bindings in lilypad general tab to be able to set more than one key for the same function

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