Trying to tweak a little more fps out of MLB the Show 09
The main part of the game when your pitching/hitting is just a little bit slow but playable. Hoping to get that fixed and hopefully close enough to do it.

It runs at about 40-45 fps during these times and based on other screens if it was 55-60 it would be perfect with no lag. I have no other graphics issues etc except uniforms disappear and reappear sometimes but I can live with it.

Current Setup : Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 @ 2.00GHz
4 GB Ram
Geforce 8600M GT

Running Beta 1888 with these options.
Config <

GSdx 1873 SSSE3 / SSSE2 (I've used both same settings, seem the same)
Direct3d9 Hardware (Have DX 9c installed)
Interlacing None
Aspect Ratio 4:3
D3D internal res (native checked)
Allow 8 bit, Logarithmic Z, Alpha correction, windowed are checked
Wait VSync and Enable output merger blur effect are not

Sound <

Disable Effects Processing Checked, only change


EEREC, VU0rec, VU1rec, microVU0, microVU1 and Multi threaded GS mode all checked
Frame Limiting set to Normal

Speed hacks <

x2 Cycle Rate
INTC Sync Hack, Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate, Status Flag Hack and min/Max Hack all checked
Idle Loop Fast-Forward not checked
VU Cycle Stealing Set 1/2 way Moderate speed up

Advanced <

I have everything clicked on the left (Nearest, None on both) Have Flush to Zero and Denormals are zero checked in both

If you need anymore information let me know. Someone show me how to tweak another 10 fps out of this beast Smile

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Try disabling microVU0 and microVU1. They tend to be slower (although more compatible) than the legacy VU recompilers
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