Trying to understand !!!!!
Hi everybody.
After walking a bit to move in the emulator, I came to a conclusion. If I set the video in this way appears : »
[Image: 17883771.jpg]
the game, more specifically Gran Turismo 4, runs faster and better definition.
The question is: in windowed mode, which should bring the resolution D3D Internal Res?
I put 1280 X 1024, but how far can you go?
And because faster and more clear (high definition)?
Perhaps be a help for those who did not know this configuration.
Someone who knows, help me to understand me.
Gran Turismo 4 rocks.

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you can go as far as your graphics card will allow, which i think on most modern cards is a max texture size of 4096x4096, but be warned, it will HOG memory and likely be rediculously slow, not to mention a waste. Going above your screen resolution (presuming you use maximized window mode) will be a waste of processing, simply because it wont show the extra pixels.
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The maximum resolution on my pc is 1680 X 1050 with a Nvidia Geforce 8800GT, and a display Asus of 22 inches.
Which you believe should be, the resolution?
And because in this mode (windowed and not native) runs much better?
Thank you.
1) Disable NLoop Hack, that's a hack meant only for Final Fantasy games. It may crash or cause glitches to Gran Turismo. Leave it grey-checked so the system will define when to use it or not.

2) Disable edge antialiasing. It works only in software mode and you're not playing n software mode (you're in directx10 (hardware) mode), so disable it or play it in "software" mode wich won't play good at all.

3) Interleacing, plus the blur checkbox? I think that this combination will degrade your graphics quality but if you're happy with them play with them =P

4) To your question: the max resoution should be your screen resolution. But have in mind that setting a 1680x1050 internal resolution and playing in a window at, say, 1280x800, will be a waste of resources because you won't see the extra pixels. Play in full screen or play it windowed with a resolution that matches the size of your window. And try to set aspect ratio to 16:9 if you're on widescreen. "Stretch" will only make your characters look bad or the cars look out of scale.
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Hi dotHack.
Thanks a lot, for explain.

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