Trying to write a launcher
Hi everyone,

I am currently writing a software similar to PCSX2Bonus but opensource (so no need to do sorcery to decompile it as previously attempted when the developers are gone) , currently it's far from usable as i just started putting it together.

My goals:
  • Learning C# .NET (from a php / html / js background)
  • To leave something of use to the PCSX2 comunity after abusing it for so many years  Laugh
Goals for this piece of software:
  • Reach PCSX2Bonus level (at least as first)
  • Once at the level of PCSX2Bonus, start adding features that are not available at the moment (such as adding games from archives)
What is done is currently available in this GitHub page, whoever wants to join is free to do so, suggestions and ideas are welcome as well.

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