Turned gamma or brightness down with f key

I have been playing Dragon Quest VIII with no problems at all, everything works great. I accidentally hit one of the F keys on my keyboard and it lowered the brightness or gamma a noticeable amount and I would like to change it back. It is not the brightness of my monitor. I am using the GSdx 5875 (MSVC 18.00 AVX) 0.1.16 video codec. I have checked the shade boost settings within the plugin settings and they are still at default the same as they were before I did this and changing them to counter act the change I accidentally made does not take it back to normal. It is noticeably different than it used to be still. Does anyone know of an F key function that could have done this?

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Press f9 ! Maybe you entered in software mode(i think)!
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The scanlines shaders (F7) tend to make the picture darker. This option has like 3-4 different modes so you probably need to press F7 a few more times to get it back to normal (off).
This was it. Thank you. I recently bought FF XIV on steam so IDK when I'll get back to Dragon Quest lol.

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