Turning of UAC in Vista
Guys, please, please dont tell people to turn of UAC when they have problems. UAC is a security feature that makes Vista that much safer from XP. I know it basicaly protects the user from himself, and is generally an anoyance, but with most of the average users, this is a necessity.

The same effect that happens when you turn of UAC can in 90% of the cases (and in my experience with most of the DEP problems with PCSX2 and vista) be replicated by running the executable as an administrator. If you don't want to do this every time, right click on the executable, go to properties and then on the compatibility tab check the box next to Run As Administrator.

Why i'm asking this? Because in the last month, i had to go and reinstall vista on 3 systems. All 3 of those, people got infected by one of those USB memory viruses, which wouldn't happen if they had UAC turned on. 2 of those turned it of to run PCSX2 (i know, a fluke, but it killed my weekends).

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They should install PCSX2 on non system partition. That way UAC will not prevent its running even in regular user mode.
that is one option since the new versions. however, i believe the VM build needed an elevated first run, so it can do the memory thing. since VM isn't used anymore, this shouldn't be a problem.
Better yet, if you don't know anything about computers. Don't use pcsx2; use your ps2.
That would solve 90% of the questions that gets asked on a daily basis here.
I highly doubt UAC would've stopped those viruses from being installed. People just click through UAC permissions, it doesn't create any real security. It's just pointless clicking.
hahahah, Turn off UAC, it's a pos` Vista feature.
noobs should stick with PS2.


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