TwinPad and LilyPad simultaneously
Is it possible to use two Controller Plugins at the same time?

I love LilyPad, but the COMBOs that TwinPad has are great. Is there any way to use LilyPad for normal controls and TwinPad solely for it's COMBOs without having to switch between the two?

I am using PCSX2



Edit: Or, if it's an easier solution, I don't mind just using TwinPad on it's own, but not having the Save State shown in the Game Screen Window is a real bummer. I think that's only possible with LilyPad, no? If I could get the Save State shown in the Game Screen, then that would work also.

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No way to do that for a single controller, I suggest you search for a similar combos application for windows in google instead, should work since you seem to be using a keyboard.
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