TwinPad problem...
I just posted this into the TwinPad thread, too - but as it could be easily overseen I also post this here:

I need the TwinPad-controller-plugin as all other controller-plugins do not recognize digital input (keyboard) for analog controller inputs in "God of War" or "Maximo" on my system.

But when using the TwinPad-controller-plugin I always get the message "DirectInput Succeded to Initialize". Everytime I start PCSX2 this message appears. I have to click "OK" before I can continue - as I'm using PCSX2 with a front-end on a real arcade cabinet this behavior is very very unpleasant! What can I do to not have this window??

My question: If there is no other method of getting rid of this window and as the source is available - maybe somebody with coding experience could compile a version for me without showing the "DirectInput Succeded to Initialize" message? I'm no coder but maybe somebody could do me that favour?

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