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TwinPad v0.9.25
the plugin cant detect my gamepad....

any idea why?

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Its keyboard and mouse only.. try lilyPad.
(08-03-2009, 08:25 AM)Rebel_X Wrote: Its keyboard and mouse only.. try lilyPad.

i see....
i have lilypad but i wanted to have a go with that combo feature Tongue
nweiz any chance twinpad will support gamepads in the future?

thx for the reply
maybe, I am thinking in redoing the whole gui thing in wxwidgets, then no need for vb6 utility to configure the plugin..
adding gamepad support and linux port is very possible. but everytime I think about it, it needs a lot of work and resources
(images, and stuff).. :/
Heya, I'm kinda new to the PCSX2 emulator and all, but I was looking up a way to be able to use the keyboard for the right analog stick to use Lulu's overdrive in FFX, and I stumbled on your plugin (lilypad didn't work for me). Works great so far, only one thing though. I'm not able to get Lulu to cast more than 5-6 spells no matter what I try. Some configurations:

[Image: twinpadadv.jpg]
Tried to disable those who are disabled in this picture, including the one that says "Tick this one..." but it doesn't matter, 5-6 spells are cast at the most.

[Image: conf1.jpg]
As far as I can tell, this picture shows the EXACT same settings as you had, right? So I was thinking that I might need a delay in between them, so then I tried this:

[Image: conf2.jpg]
Still nothing. I also tried applying the first combo to 3 different buttons just to check, but nothing now either. BTW I'm running the PAL version if it makes a difference, but i did try speeding up from 50 to >70 fps, and I also tried slowing down by forcing the game to run at 20 fps, didn't work. Some other settings, just in case you need them:

PCSX2 - 0.9.6 beta 1474
Graphics - ZeroGS 0.97.1
First and second controller - TwinPad 0.8.2

Computer specs:
E6600 @ 3GHz
2x2 GB RAM @ 667MHz 5-6-6-18
GTX260 SP216 55nm
XP 32-bit SP3

Any other settings/configurations you are wondering about, just askSmile
Lulu's overdrive is affected by her magic stats, although with hacked magic stat to 255 for her I could get 8 spells for ultima
and 12 for flare, the rest are 16 spells which is the maximum.. I got once 9 spells for ultima while coding the Combo feature but
never happened again :/ but to my knowledge even simple fury's, gamers couldn't get more than 8-12 using real game pads for
the ps2 and they thought it was the maximum..

Anyways, I didn't mention in the first post that an Action is executed every frame, times the number specified in it's delay
value. that mean, if the game running as high as 200FPS or as low as 20FPS it will have the same effect, TwinPad get's
control once (twice if you included pad 2) per frame, that's how PSX/PS2 and PCSX2 poll pads info.

But if you try for example AURON's Bushido, the fastest way to do it is by specifying 3 as a delay value, anything
less than that, will only execute 2 to 3 Actions and you will hear the game playing a tone that you failed to press them..
and you will be able to execute it within 0.2 or 0.3 second, if you specify 3 as a delay value..

Last thought, you should keep Pressing and HOLDING the key assigned for
the COMBO in your case "NUMPAD 2" instead of repeatedly pressing the
button to achieve faster execution..

I don't know if I can help you anymore in this problem, I wish you good luck.

Hey, thanks for the replySmile pressing and holding the combo-key helped actually, got her to cast 9 fire furys using this methodBiggrin, and although it might not sound like much I didn't know that the number of spells she casts depends on her magic stat (in my case Lulu's magic = 23 Blush and I've only reached the Moonflow) so that's probably the reason why she doesn't cast it more than 9 times (7 times for fira/watera/thundara/blizarra).

Haven't tried using Auron's Bushido with combo yet though, but the info is good to know nonetheless, thanks againBiggrin

BTW, about the delay value thingy, did you mean that, lets take an example:

You want to do the following combo: X, O, Triangle and you set the delay value to 1 for X, 2 for O and 3 for Triangle. Does that mean that when you press the combo button the following happens?:

1. X is being pressed for the first frame.
2. O is being pressed for frames 2-3
3. Triangle is being pressed for frames 4-6

Or did I misunderstand something? (English isn't my first language I'm afraid)
If it works this way then I don't understand how it would work when running the game at different speedsBlink
That's exactly what I meant..

PS2 or any console game, movements are based on frames not time, unlike PC games, running pc games as low as 20 to 30 fps
for some games is more than enough to enjoy playing, albeit stuttering like hell, achieving high frames for PC games will give
you improvements in the quality (i.e. more special effects) and the game wont stutter as much as before. while the same
frame rate in ps2 you will be bored before the overture ends..

For the PS2 you wont see more/less quality if running at higher/lower frame rate than 60/50 (NTSC or PAL)
If the game running slow like 20FPS, that means TwinPad is running slow with PCSX2 too, 20 times per second.. (for one pad)
If the game running at high frame rate like 100fps that means TwinPad is running 100 times per second.
Hey, Rebel_X, I have a question I'd like clarified about this plugin. I'm confused about being able to use 2 controller plugins at the same time.

I was wondering if I could use, say LilyPad for everything outside of COMBOs (that TwinPad provides). I was under the impression that pressing the SPACE bar hotkey somehow enabled the COMBOs for TwinPad. But if I have LilyPad selected as the controller for both Pad1 and Pad2, I cannot do COMBOs. Is that correct? And is there any way to achieve this task?
I have a serious problem with this plugin.. if I hit escape than re-execute the game the plugin stops working for the analog movement.. other keys work fine. Sometimes after doing a game load it will stop working. Seems to be a problem with the analog controls.. any idea what could be wrong?

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