Twisted Metal Black Cutscenes Not Appearing
Hi when I play TM:B menus and cut scenes don't appear sometimes. I'm aware of the cut scenes and menus appearing in a small corner but my issue is that they don't appear at all at times, just a black screen. It will work when i start the game sometimes and stop working after one level or never work from the start. I'm asking if anyone knows if this issue is because of a setting I can change because its pretty annoying. I'm using Pcsx2 1.2.1 Gsdx32-sse4-r Hardware rendering at 5x native resolution with  no speed hacks and no game fixes. Thanks in advance.

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Do you get them back by switching to software mode f9?
Thank you, I didn't know you could change from software to hardware mode in game. Software mode worked, and it serves to be a quick way to change from scaled to native resolution to fix the small cut scenes. Thanks again.
There is as well the game fix 'automatic switch to sw mode when fmv plays' you can enable to avoid manual switching.
Wow, that will help a lot. Thank you for all your help, again Biggrin .
Always good to help people. Thanks for the reps.
You deserve them, after the amount of times I had to restart the game for cut scenes to work lol.

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