Two Issues in One! [FFX & DBZBT3]
I'll guess will start off with the one that I haven't seen come up yet. While playing Dragon Ball Z Budokia Tenkachjaksjdhsa 3 (Yes, I did that on purpose.) Windows gives me a driver error, and the PCSX2 screen flashes white. Now, the game is still running, and I can hear the sounds from in-game, but as far as graphics it stays a white screen. This happens randomly, wether I've been playing for 10 minutes, or an hour. To get in detail about the driver error message, it appears near the toolbar as a notification and says something along the lines of Windows Drivers have stopped working, but have recovered.

I'm guessing they are referring to my Graphics Cards drivers? Who knows. But, the only graphical errors I have on screen, only appear inside PCSX2. Any ideas? Not really that big of a deal, just somewhat annoying.

Now, for the second issue. While playing FFX, at the point when you first battle Seymour, after you finish the fight, pretty much the entire screen just goes on an acid trip. Everything becomes horrible quality, then no objects are rendered besides the background, and progressively worse untill the screen looks like a rainbow. I've yet to be able to pass this part yet, no matter how many tries this issue happens. And then I get a message from Windows that PCSX2 has stopped responding, then it crashes. Any ideas?

Now for the specs.

CPU: QX9650


I'm pretty sure that's the only plugin info you'd need to know, since it's a graphical error, correct? If you need more, please let me now.

IDEA: I'm going to try it in ZeroGS plugin, and see if I get any different results.

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My guess is that it is a GPU problem. It could be a driver problem, or it could be your GPU overheating. I don't know how hot a GTX280 OC can get, but considering that summer approaches, the rise in temperature could easily heat up an OC'ed GPU (unless you live up north). Not to mention, those two games are demanding.
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vista or xp?

I've never gome across these issues on my 8600, it sounds like your graphics driver needs to be purged and reinstalled
I'm actually running Windows 7 RC. I thought the same thing as far as it getting to hot, But I looked at the current temperature while running DBZBT3 and it never got above 50 Celsius. So it makes me wonder that it is a driver problem. I'm running nVidia's newest Windows 7 Beta drivers 185.85. But I don't understand is, as far as DBZT3 when I get the driver error message, wouldn't everything on my screen decided to go funky for a split second, and not just what ever is happening inside PCSX2?

And as far as FFX, I tried with ZeroGS, and I get even less progress. I'm still able to fight and beat him, but the cut scene afterwards crashes PCSX2 before it even starts. Is this a known issue? Or could I possibly just have a bad ISO?
bad iso most likely, but I can't be for certain, I'm not that far yet
Well, I tried it again, using the same settings as before, and even a Higher Res., I was able to finally bypass all the graphical errors and continue on.
Sorry for doubleposting, but I've encountered the same error for FFX but in a different part of the game. Similar issues, but a lil different.

I do see this pop up in the console when it does happen though.

"unaligned memory pointer passed to ReadTexture"

Any ideas?
Haha sheesh. Tripple post? I'm going to be banned from the internet. I guess I'm doing this as a bump too, so that doesn't make it too bad Tongue

I resolved the issue with BOTH FFX and DBZBT3. The answer was using the PCSX2 Beta. Go figure?
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