Two questions
1) In regards to 0.9.6, I have lost the abiltity to save or load states. When I press F1 nothing happens. It was working fine in svn 621. Any ideas?

2)What is the CPU usage in the top of Pcsx2 related to. I ask because it is always 60% or below when playing FFXII and always at a 100% when playing FFX. Also I get no fps slow downs in FFX but I get them in FFXII. Thought XII was the 'harder' game to emulate. Just curious.
Intel Core i7 @ 2.66 Ghz ~ 6 GB DDR3 Tri-Channel ~ 512 MB Radeon 4850 ~ 500 Gb HDD/160 GB HDD/80 GB HDD ~ 24" LCD

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I can't answer #1 but #2..:

the CPU usage you see is simulated usage of the PS2's cpu I believe. which means that it's not always fully utilised on the emu, but it's being worked on.

and as far as I remember, FFX was more graphicaly intense than 12
Saiki was faster ;-)

Does the MTGS (DualCoreMode) work with a Core i7 ? Just curious ^^
@xCrashdayx Yes it does work on the Core i7 cpu's they are quad cores just like their predecessors.

@Scant Save states can be pretty unstable and shouldn't really be relied upon unless theres a good reason. There is probably a fix for why yours arnt working at all though because others have got it working

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