Two vers of same game with different compat report?
Looking through the list I notice sometimes the NTSC-J version will be Ingame while the NTSC-U version is Playable. How's this possible, did the localization crew do some funky things? Maybe incomplete PCSX2 testing? Just curious what's up

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Well some games have actual differences in the game such has MGS2 in europe/PAL for example which had an added difficulty and some other extras.

But coding-wise....Nooo idea Happy
PAL and NTSC versions of the same game can behave quite differently internally so it's no surprise actually.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
In the process of converting a game for a different region a lot can get changed.
It's not just the language but FMV, sound files, edits to the game (fixed bugs), etc.
One such change could break a game that works in the other region.

Another likely cause for the compat list difference is that the testers used different
PCSX2 versions. Not everyone has a game in 3 diff regions Wink

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