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Txrd2 issue
I want to play txrd2 on my new pc (using pcsx2 of course) but i am finding it quite hard:

i first tried to run the game in hardware mode. it ran at full speed but it had black vertical lines on the screen which were quite unacceptable.
i came to the forum fished around and found that it is a known issue with hardware mode and so i tried software mode
when i tried software mode , it ran at full speed without lines but since my monitor is at 1600*900 the image was so stretched out that i could barely read text.

is there any known fix to this issue? if yes please let me know. Smile

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try some of the hw hacks in hardware mode one by one to check whether they solve the issue.
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i tried them but it dosent seem to work.
Try setting a custom resolution like 1200x1200.
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