Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (All 3 games)
For some reason when I try to play any of the three TY games, the controls seem to be really messed up. The in game controls are completely different then what they say they are. For instance it says Press X to continue, but X will do nothing, however R2 will continue. I'm using the SSSPX PAD Pressure Mod 1.7.1 [PadSSSPSX] plugin for controller, with my PS3 controlled hooked up via USB to computer. I've played 30+ games with this setup and have no trouble whatsoever with any controls, does anyone know a fix for this besides changing all of my keybinds just for these games?

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try lilypad and report back
Thanks for the suggestions, using lilypad works fine with default config. For some reason I never used it because I think when I was setting up my ps3 controller to work, I thought I read somewhere that lilypad won't work with it, but it seems to be working fine.

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