Typical FPS
Hey all.

I just have a few questions and I tried searching.

Ultimately, how do complication games work with the Emulator. The indiviual games are approved, but I couldn't find the compliation. ex. 3 mortal kombats, and the DBZ compliations.

Also, for most games, what is the typical frame rate? I have a Q955? (4 cores @ 2.66 with 12mb cache L2 ). I'm a little drugged up on pain killers right now and can not remember the forth digit in my processor. Basically, I seem to be sitting at a steady 60 fps (99%) for FFX and FFXII. I havn't tried X-2 yet.

Finally, dood!!! great emulator!


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X-2 seems to have issues, as reported be some members (I don't personally own x-2) but compilations will work as well as any other game might. it's a luck of the draw kinda thing.
that's good to know, but what is the typical fps for most games??
there isn't a typical FPS for a general rating, it's all based on CPU, GPU and plugins.

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