UPCSX2C (Cheat Manager)
Hello world !

First of all, sorry for my english which could be bad, I speak french, so I will be brief Happy

UPCSX2C (this is not the most beautiful name, I know) is a cheat manager, made by myself to make cheats more easily.
Actually, it has some features, including:

               The cheats, and games are automatically stored in a database, so, you add the cheat codes once. You have just to enable/disable them later, and the .pnach file will be updated.

               You can also import and/or export cheats, under the .ps2c format. It helps to share game with a lot a cheats among users.

And others, but, I let you discover the rest.


oh, I forgot something, UPCSX2C is in french for now  Blush
I translated it, with bad english of course Cool I hope will help me with spelling mistakes Blush
You can download it here

Note: if mega ask you a key, type "!cjXQtZfjwEy9UIpKJzL3OEYvnH2fluajFIpF4W2QCHg"

I hope that it will help you Smile and sorry again for my english...

 [Image: 1464805011-2.png][Image: 1465221370-4.png]
[Image: 1464805011-3.png][Image: 1465221464-5.png]

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This looks really cool and like something I would like to see implemented into pcsx2. Any possibility of porting it to English? It doesn't seem like too much translation work. I wish it was in Spanish as I am fluent in Spanish and could help with an English port. I don't speak french though.
Hi, tried to port it. I hope there are not too many spelling mistakes

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