[UPDATE]What games(if any) can I run using pcsx2 with these specs?
I doubt I can run any games....well maybe Disgaea xD

My specs:

AMD V140
2048MB Ram
M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

Thank you.

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Start by checking this list and then compare it to your games, but the best way to find out is try the games yourself and decide if playable enough or not:
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Thank you very much for the link.
Ok so I installed pcsxe2 0.9.7 and by using the default settings I ran Disgaea 2(from my disc rip in iso format) getting these results:

-Shaky screen. Sometimes get Graphical glitch on bottom right side of screen
-FPS during static screens showing developer/publisher names is 59-60
-FPS during opening FMV is drop/dips from 50 to 34.
-FPS Opening scene(straight after pressing new game) when a person talks with static backgound 40-48
-FPS during in game with no talking is 50-58
-FPS during in game with talking is 39-55

UPDATE: I managed to make it maintain 58-60 fps using these settings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4A2W2av9o0

I will try a 3d game from what I have.
If your screen is shaking change the filter with F5.

That's not too powerful. Make sure you use speedhacks.
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