USB Mic Support
I am trying to play LifeLine on 0.9.7. However, it says no USB Mic is connected. Is there any way to make it work, or are there plans for adding support in the future? I'm wondering because if there are no plans for it, then I'll just buy a new PS2 (Current one is hella old and hardly works for anything anymore @_@). If there is, then I'll wait it out. It's been years since I've played this game, and I'm really missing it.

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I doubt there's any plans for a mic plugin, but I've been wrong before
I know this post is a little old, but I had to add,

That's a bummer. I just found the game Lifeline at GameStop and it looks pretty on my PS2. Too bad it'll be a few years before I can see it in it's 1080p glory. Curse you Konami and your mic requirements! Curse you to hell!

*cough, I don't think the USB should be a priority either since only like 8 games use it. When it does come, my PS2 is going right back into the closet.
Death by Degrees had mic support as well, I was looking forward to that one actually.

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