USB emulation
This I know have been question a thousand times before but I have to ask; is there any proper emulation for the USB-connetions? I've seen at the last official svn r5627 that it has a plugin witch is letting me choose if i would like to attach an usb-device (usb qemu r5484), but it's not reconizing my wireless singstar adapter. It's maybe to early to see some function here, yet.

If there something that I can do to help (like dumping info from the usb-device), please let me know. I'm just curious to see this work.

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As far as i know, the usb qemu plugin only supports keyboards. No microphones or anything like that work.
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Okey, that's to bad.
What kind of knowledge is needed to build/make a usb plugin with support for microphones and maybe the buzz-buzzers?
And how complicated is it to write something like this? Maybe I could try to make something since I have the microphones and a few singstar games?!
It's reasonably complicated. You will need to understand how the PHY and USB interfaces work, or at least be able to understand it from documents and how the microphones interact with the interface, then you need to know how that interacts with the PS2.
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Isn't there any other way to get the mics work? Do the Programm regonize other mics(i've fount some that should work on the Pc and PS2)
I'll make a different question. Is there a way to dummy/fool the emulator that something is inserted even if it's not working?
not without programming anything no. The plugin would have to "talk" to the emulator as if it was that device, this can only be done via emulation or somehow making a USB bridge to read the real device (kinda like virtualbox does i guess)
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I see, I hope atleast somebody comes up with a dummy function for Singstar mics.
Hello, My wife is also a great singstar fan and she's sad not to be able to play it on PC (our PS2 is old with lens issues and it's not very convenient to plug and unplug it all the time).
Using Google I found that :

What is it ?
Please help us using Singstar on PCSX2. Thanks.
Best regards from Reunion Island.

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