USB plugin request
In the latest subversion, uLaunchELF v4.38 does boot, although v4.42a doesn't. I hooked my USB flash drive to my PS2, used uLaunchELF to copy all saves to it, and pluged it to my PC, intended to copy all of them to memory card file and realized there's no USB plugin for PCSX2. Is there any plugin, or at least some workaround to make PCSX2 use a PC USB port as if it is PS2 one? There're some PS2 game that natively support generic USB keyboard and mouse too.

By the way, I want to know the reason why PCSX2 devs do not create a folder to store game saves as seperate files just like Dolphin? Technical difficulties, huh? If it is, so why do you not create a native function to import/export save file from the bulky 8 MB memcard file for easier transferring?

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Not even a workaround to make pcsx use a pcs usb as ps2 one, but copying saves:
In short it requires
crossover cable (ps2 <-> pc) or regular lan cable for ps2 <-> routrer communication
Jones23 wrote:
For PS2 saves you have to use the psuPaste function. Then you're not taking any risk, cause all files with their timestamps and attributes are saved in a single *.psu file.
BTW, if you can use the network, you don't have to use a USB device at all.
Use LaunchELFs host function, and start PS2Client on your PC, that's the only way of using psuPaste via network. There are some Client automators available, I always use the one provided by vtecorona (PS2ClientLoader v1.2.6).
And that's the client they're using
myMC support PSU format.

just transfer PSU directly into pcsx2 memcard using myMC.
that's what i did

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