Ubuntu crashes when trying to use the emulator.
Hello there. 

So, for some reason the PCSX2 emulator seems to crash Ubuntu when using it. (I am using the most current version of everything. I update it and check for updates every day.) At first, I thought this maybe an issue with the game. That maybe it was too powerful. (Yeah I know that is silly to think, but my brain is stuck in the year 2000 when any little thing will destory your computer.) Well, I loaded the emulator up to try and connect my PS4 controller. Well, not to long after starting to look at the options, it once again crashed Ubuntu. I installed the flatpak off the the site so I know the emulator has to be fine.

 I would think. Any idea why it does this? I tried to google this issue, but every thread I found was talking about the emulator itself crashing and not Ubuntu the system crashing. Which is the issue I am having. My computer is 16 gigs of ram and a decent graphics card and all that so I do not think any specs would mess with it. I think. Any help anyone can provide is appreciated. 

Thank you.

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