Unable To Save After Using Save-States
Hello, so I've recently ran into an issue where my save game doesn't work anymore even though a memory card is inserted/created, the game states the following:

"The memory card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) inserted when this game began was not found. Insert it into MEMORY CARD slot 1"

This is really frustrating since I'd like to save without using a save-state as they are larger file sizes although not by much, however currently that is my only option. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks Smile.

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What if you boot the game normally and load your previous save? Also make sure you haven't changed memory cards because that could break things.
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Hey thanks for the prompt response, just attempted booting normally and it works absolutely fine, but there is no loadable data on the memory card as it won't do anything initially if the game is loaded from a save-state. Very strange problem to encounter :/. Thanks anyway though.
Gran Turismo 4? If so, this is the game's anti-tamper kicking in because it detects the game state and memcard no longer match. It will prohibit you from saving unless your memcard and game state match exactly again (so basically, never). Your options are to either keep using savestates for the rest of your play time (and be prepared to deal with the problems that come up later) or abandon your save states, load whatever you may have saved, and start there.
I'm attempting this on Monster Hunter, but looks like I'll need to create a new save file manually then, shouldn't be too difficult since I wasn't too far in. Thanks again for the assistance though either way, much appreciated.

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