Unable to Select Plugins
When in the PCSX2 configuration, I can't select two plugins that come with the Linux binary download, the libzzogl.so and libSPU2x.so plugins. I am only given the option to select the two null plugins for video and audio. Is there some reason for this?

I'm running an x86 Slackware 13.37 and have downloaded PCSX2 0.9.8.

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you need to install the depencies. You can check which one with ldd
Ah. Classic mistake. I'll install the things I'm missing and see what luck I have.

I was missing a few things. Now all is well, provided this machine has enough horsepower to run a game or two.

Appreciate the help, gregory.
I have the same problem, but i have (or i think i have) the dependencies installed.
EDIT: I tried the ldd command, but i really don't understand what data give me (i'm noob in linux too). By the record my distribution is Mint 13 x86
you surely dont have the good version. There is an unofficial thread build, try to usethis one instead. If it doesn t work post the output of ldd

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