Unable to load bios?
So, my bios is in the /bios folder, but PCSX2 doesn't seem to notice it, for lack of a better word. I used a friend's bios since I lack the cables and whatnot to extract one from my PS2; could this be the problem? :/

I've read through the forums and some people suggested 'resetting' the bios/ folder. How do I do that? I tried the Reset option in the Run menu, but no luck.

Sorry for the clearly newbie questions; my computer skills aren't the best. I haven't the foggiest what all those settings mean in the options. ^^;

Not sure if this helps, but the little black window says I have Athlon 64 3200+ and the only thing it doesn't detect is SSE3.

Thank you for reading. Laugh

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To set the bios folder,press the set bios directory in the configuration window..can't see how you missed it.
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... I feel very embrassed. Thank you. ^^; I appreciate your tolerance with my silly question.

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