"Unable to load bios: 'bios/', PCSX2 can't run without that"
This is the second time I've used this program. The first time was when I tried using it on Rampage: Total Destruction, but ran into the same problem and gave up.

Now, I got Killzone, and finding the same problem, I'm asking for help this time.

It came with an ELF file alright, but after I load it, I get a message saying
[Image: pic1.jpg]

Then I'm not sure what to do. The only file it recognizes in the Killzone folder is DNAS300.IMG, but when it tries to load this, it crashes. I've looked on this site for information about it, but all I've found are warnings about asking for BIOS, which confuses me. Shouldn't BIOS come with the game?

Here are three screenshots of my Killzone folder


Are any of those fines BIOS which I could copy into "C:\Program Files\Pcsx2_0.9.4\bios"?

I'm sure you've probably had similar questions, but when I tried to search for them, I couldn't find them.

(P.S. Sorry for the question. Reading more about it made me understand. I'm just having trouble deleting this topic, though. Sorry again for the confusion.)

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You need dump BIOS from your own Playstation 2. Follow this:

Quote:A new Bios dumper is already available that can dump your PS2 Bios,ROM1,ROM2,EROM and NVM.Get it HERE

Note: For maximum compatibility it is recommended that you use a BIOS image different than SCPH10000.BIN which is the oldest one.That's because with this BIOS there are problems in memory card emulation and in other sections.

How to extract the bios files from your PS2: Visit PS2Dev and an Emuforums thread HERE

So now we are done Configuring all plugins for PCSX2
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Alright, thank you. I now have a BIOS, and am running "USA v02.00(14/6/2004) Console".

Alright, now my trouble is when I load the LOADER.ELF it goes from this start screen:
to this
and asks me to open another file. Again, I'm not quite sure what it's looking for (if I cancel, it says "Error loading CDVD plugin"), and again, the only file it recognizes in my Killzone folder (I also tried the Patches and Plugin folder of Pcsx2_0.9.4, but it didn't recognize anything there either) is DNAS300.IMG, but when I click on that, the screen flashes a "zerogs" screen then goes blank, and the loading screen now looks like this:

Also, if it helps, here's my Plugins folder:

As for the Patches folder, it has the standard 290 patches that came with the installation.

Please help. Thank you.
You are doing it totally wrong.Read the configuration guide and find out how to use the emulator:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Lol my bad forgot a step
Anyway, I'll give the config a try, and see if I encounter any trouble with that or after doing that. But I don't look forward to it. It sounds hard, but I wan't to see what happens. I don't even really expect to play the game (my comp only accepts 256 MB graphics cards), but I'm curious about what would happen if I tried to run it.

What kind of program requires you to manually configure it before using it? Glare
A program that is free and does a very complex task like emulating the PS2.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Well, according to http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2351.html, it's not even very good at that, considering you can't actually PLAY the game. I'm just used to Project64, which is practially plug-and-play.

Anyway, I'll post when I've read and tried the config.
(01-19-2009, 03:46 AM)kvn8907 Wrote: Well, according to http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2351.html, it's not even very good at that, considering you can't actually PLAY the game. I'm just used to Project64, which is practially plug-and-play.

Anyway, I'll post when I've read and tried the config.

There is a whole world of difference between the N64 and the PS2.

Look at it this way: Sony designed the damn thing and even they can't get a fully-functioning emulator going without dedicated hardware to do the job. And that's with full knowledge of every feature and function (documented and undocumented), something the PCSX2 programmers could only dream of.

The forum is chock-full of threads explaining how to configure the emulator for various games, spend a few minutes looking around and you'll see it really isn't the hard.
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OK, sorry it took so long. In truth, I dreaded reading the config manual, and waited until I really had nothing better to do.

Now my trouble is the CDVD, I think.

As you can see here, here's my Killzone file:

What's the CDVD in it? Does it not have a CDVD?

Also, should I start a new topic, since now my trouble isn't that I don't have a bios, and in fact, now my BIOS files are running fine?

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