Unable to run
well i just dled PCSX2 and i got a little problem running a game called Haunting Ground, what i did:
1- cliked at Run CD
2- it appered a search box i cliked at my HGGD CD but instead of running it opened the CD there were no file i selected "show all files" and then 4 files .gi appeared i tried each of them but all pcsx2 started to load and while was loading the file it stoped working and then windows vista closed it.

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make an ISO of your DVD (using imgburn for instance) and launch that ISO using that "search box that appeared".
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a) Use a disc reading cdvd plugin like cdvd gigaherz. In its options set it to use the drive with your dvd ( D:\ on most computers).
b) Like jesalvein suggested, you create an image of the disc, which you can use with linuzapz cdvd (This is prefered, cause its faster)

Wrong part of the forum btw, this is most certainly not a bug report Wink
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