Unable to run in Radiata Stories
I've been playing Radiata Stories (from ISO, the USA version) on PCSX2 1.0.0 (r5350) without any issues for ~12 hours on the keyboard, and then plugged in my ps2 pad. After playing with it for about an hour a strange thing happened. I suddenly stopped being able to run outside of battles (the character is only walking hastily, like he'd do before with a heavily, but not yet to the edge, pushed analog).
I've tried adjusting the sensitivity controls (128x sensitivity changed nothing, while 0x rendered the analog dead), dead-zones, reverting to the keyboard controls but the issue persists - I'm unable to run.
I was using the lilypad driver the whole time, right now changed it to SSSPSX driver - the issue still persists.

Anyone have any ideas as to where in the config should I tinker to resolve this? Or should I provide you with a screenshot of some configuration tab?

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Nevermind - I assumed it was an emulator error, while it was an in-game influence.

Didn't make a connection between equipping the Leprechaun accessory and not being able to run.


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