Unable to save games!!
Hi guys im new to this and in certain games it says memory card not formated and im not sure what to do!! Just thaught i would ask if anyone has ever had this problem and if so is there a way to fix it?? Thnx!!

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format it in the bios, or try another game? (I know a few will format a card, not many though)
Xenosaga has a known issue with the normal save at some places, it's the only I know with the issue but may be more. To the last information I have, there is not a solution for the issue and the better workaround is save state before trying to use them.

If that's the case the emulator will send you to the BIOS screen and the game will be screwed, so, for xenosaga use the savestate before trying the normal save by all means.

Other than this the problem is indeed what Saiki already pointed. To get to the BIOS screen just start with no image or disk loaded, from there you can format the cards. Remember you can have more than the original two cards, one easy way to organize things is creating meaningfully named folders under the "memcards" and generating/formating one or two for each game. There was talking about directly named memory cards but I don't know if or when it will be possible.

PS: to clarify, if using subfolders to organize the cards by gamename you just need to switch to the desired folder before starting the game. That's easily done from the "Config" menu at the main GUI, from there > "Memory Cards" and browse the new window to point to the desired folder. This allow to create the memory files there and will be the reference for the formatting by the BIOS, repeat the procedure for all and each card you want.
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