Unable to start game, Plugin Issue?

I'm trying to start up Final Fantasy X using CDVD; I have the original disc in the disc drive. I go to Volumes, select the disc, and then there's a .img inside. I assume this is the game and select that to load.

For both Boot CDVD (full) and "fast," a blank window opens up, and then I get an error message, telling me either that the CDVD plugin failed to open because my computer has insufficient resources or my hardware/drivers are incompatible. I've included a screenshot for that part.

I go back to the Plugin settings, which I've already configured, and the Sound Plugin always goes back to the "null" plugin. So, I turn it back to the ZeroSPU2 Playground, hit "apply," then I get stuck. Two things happen:

1) I won't be able to close the Plugin menu, forcing me to quit XQuartz and restart, after which I lose my changes of the Sound Plugin.

2) I can close it, but the boot CDVD function no longer opens up a blank window.

I've posted my BIOS ROM setting too, maybe something went wrong here? I'm really not sure.

I will try to use Imgburn to rip the ISO off my disc. For that I have a question; would I still run the CDVD or would I run ELF?

All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Note: In the Terminal Screenshots, DISREGARD the highlighted text. Thanks,

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