Unable to start my game!
Hi everyone

Every time when u want to Run => execute my game, it will show me the Browser+System Configuration screen. How do i get pcsx2 to start the game instead?
My game is in an iso file. i use the Linuz iso plugin already. Then what game file should i choose?

Thank you for your help.

Game: SD Gundam G Generation Spirits.


CPU: intel T9300@ 2.5GHz
Graphic:Geforce nvidia 8600GT 512MB
pcsx2: 0.9.6

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Make sure you have the iso file selected in the Linuz iso plugin. Then click File->Run CD/DVD
more importantly.. make sure you hve selected linuziso as your DVD plugin
(08-13-2009, 01:13 AM)nasageek Wrote: Make sure you have the iso file selected in the Linuz iso plugin. Then click File->Run CD/DVD

Do i have to mount the iso image using powerISO?
You should not mount the ISO. Mounting the ISO will interfere with linuz iso plugin. Make sure it's unmounted from any programs, selected in linuz ISO plugin, then click run cd/dvd.
yeah me too having the same problem,please help.i use magiciso to create bin images.previously i had successfully done that.can any of u tell us how to dump a dvd properly.
imgburn is good for that
not happening brother iso creation using any software fails for smackdown vs raw 2008.i have tried imgburn alcohol magic iso.although bin forms but can't play Sad
ripped it on Imgburn in ISO format
I use the program Ubuntu comes with, Brasero, to make disc image files.

I tried many programs in Windows which I had to download from various locations, but none of them were able to make images of games such as Beyond Good & Evil (BG&E) and some others. It seems the disc protection was really strong on some of my games. The BG&E I purchased was Greatest Hits, so I would hazard a guess it was a new print of the disc and may have had protection that most PS2 games did not. I would try to make an ISO and a few seconds later I would get an ISO image of a few Kb filesize lol.

Brasero on the other hand had no issue making discs. Right clicked DVD, told it to make an ISO and it was well on it's way already.

Also, I've read often on the internet it's best to make ISOs using the slowest read speed possible, or that was for writing discs, or both, can't remember.

Oh yeah, like someone has already said, never use an ISO mounting program in conjunction with an emulator. It usually leads to problems one way or another.
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